Hosting with Living Room Live

We make connections with new and experienced house concert hosts, and assist you in starting your Living Room Live series. We then program a season of tours across Western Canada, featuring emerging and established classical musicians, for you to host.

Why host a classical house concert?

  • You get to have live music in your living room, and share it with friends.
  • You create more live events in your community.
  • You meet and spend an evening with the touring musicians.
  • Those new to classical music can dip their toes in, in a comfy friendly location.
  • What better place for a live concert than your armchair, with a beverage of choice.

Through local volunteer hosts such as yourself, we are able to schedule intimate concerts in small and large communities, creating more opportunities for listeners and performers of classical music.  If this sounds like something you would enjoy, or you have questions, please contact us through the apply to host page. We’d love to talk!