Hosting FAQs

How many concerts do I host?

Typically, a host joins a tour route for the season and hosts all three tours, with the potential to add a fourth summer tour. However, there are many possibilities for collaboration! In some communities, two or three hosts share the season. This is an excellent system because you can work together and share contact lists, making it easier to build up a list of interested guests.

When do I need to decide?

We are creating a community of people curious about hosting house concerts; if you are new to this, we have resources to help get you started. In the spring, when we are ready to program the following season, we will reach out and ask if you’re ready to join a route for the year. We aim to have all hosts confirmed by June. 

What are the financial details?

As a Living Room Live host, you are volunteering to organize a concert in your home or other small space; as such, the only requirements are time, and a little food. Typically, the first concert takes the most time, and as you build up a longer guest list, they become quicker to organize. There will be minimal food costs as hosts share dinner and breakfast with artists. We also strongly encourage having food at the concert, so there may be some cost here, though many hosts make this BYOB and potluck.

What are the space requirements?

We ask hosts to bring in 25+ audience members, with a ticket cost/suggested donation of $20-25. You might be surprised how many people fit in your living room; try gathering all the chairs in your house and experiment with set-up, and consider floor seating depending on your expected audience. We’re all about a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so don’t worry about how formal your space is. Cosy is perfect.

We require room and board for musicians (usually one or two musicians, though occasionally we might schedule a trio), so if you don’t have extra space, try asking friends to help out with this.

Do I need a piano?

Many of our concerts will involve a pianist, so ideally you have an in-tune acoustic piano in reasonable condition. However, several hosts do not have an acoustic piano. We can also discuss using your digital piano, or having the musicians bring their own. We may look at finding a co-host in your community with an acoustic piano, who can host any piano solo tours.

Who attends?

House concerts are private events (your house isn’t a business venue) so all guests will be invited by you or the musicians, and your address will not be published. However, there is no limit to who you can invite! Ask friends, family, and acquaintances, and use community networks, such as Facebook groups and organizations you belong to, to discover new friends. Over time, you will build up a base of regular audience members.