Hosting FAQs

How many concerts?

That depends. Are you interested in…

Joining our tour circuit?
Awesome! We have three duos booked for our first season in MB/SK (see here for bios and info), October, February, and May. Hosts generally present all three scheduled concerts in a year. It is also possible to share hosting with a nearby friend. 

Hosting a concert in an urban centre?
Excellent! If you live in or near a larger city, you can apply to host a concert, and we will connect you with the musicians. We are starting this project in Winnipeg, but if you live elsewhere and want to host, let us know and we’ll make it happen! You can be the first Living Room Live host  in your city. 

Financial requirements?

There’s only the time required to recruit an audience, and perhaps provide a few goodies. House concerts and food are a great combination, but within that there is lots of flexibility. We’ve seen everything from coffee and cookies provided by the host or a friend, to an elaborate potluck spread of hors d’oeuvres and wine.

Space requirements?

We ask hosts to bring in 20+ audience members, with a ticket cost/suggested donation of $20. You might be surprised how many people fit in your living room; try gathering all the chairs in your house and experiment with set-up. Remember, we’re all about a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so don’t worry about how formal your space is. Cosy is perfect.

We also require room and board for musicians (usually one or two, though occasionally we might schedule a trio). If you don’t have extra space, try asking friends to help out with this.

Do I need a piano?

Many of our concerts will involve a pianist, so ideally you have an in-tune piano in reasonable condition. Alternatively, we can discuss bringing a digital piano.

Who attends?

House concerts are private events (your house isn’t a business venue) so all guests will be invited by you, or sometimes by the musicians if you approve. Invite all your friends and family (and church congregation, co-workers, kids friends’ parents…) Try asking for an email whenever you run into an acquaintance, and follow up with an invitation. Over time, you will build up a base of regular audience members.