Performing with Living Room Live

We are looking for classical musicians who want to play house concerts, either locally or as part of a tour route. House concerts are quite common for all styles of acoustic music – except classical! Living Room Live was founded to make more of them happen, creating opportunities for performers and listeners of classical music. As a house concert musician, you become part of a small community for the evening, chatting with guests during intermission and after, and talking about the music during the concert. Guests love watching and hearing the music being created close up.

House concert tours are also a great way to schedule classical music performances in small and/or remote communities as there are so few overhead costs. The house concert model does create a certain element of financial risk for the performers but we do our best to minimize that.  Here’s how it works:


A tour is typically 12 concerts over 2 weeks. We ask hosts to bring in 20+ guests (we’re looking for 25+ average over the tour), at $20 a ticket. Guests RSVP in advance and pay cash at the door; 100% of ticket sales go to the musicians. After the tour, you submit a management fee of 15% of ticket income to Living Room Live, so that we can continue finding more hosts and scheduling tour routes.

Hosts provide dinner and a place for the night. Lunch and all other travel costs are the responsibility of the musicians. Please work out the feasibility of any applicable costs, such as flights, car rental, gas, ferries, lunch and snacks, and dinner on break days, before you or your ensemble commits to a tour.

Typically we schedule drives of four hours or less before a concert, and no more than six concerts in a row without a break. We’re happy to discuss adjustments to these details before booking to allow for program-specific needs such as more vocal rest.

We currently have BC South and MB-SK tour routes, with BC North and one more TBA being added for the 2019-20 season. When you apply, you can indicate which route(s) you are interested in touring. There are three tours per season per route, Sept-Oct (Oct-Nov in MB-SK), Jan-Feb, and May.


Our focus currently is on creating tour routes. Over time, we plan to offer more local performance opportunities, and have already started doing this in Winnipeg. When there is interest from musicians in a new city, we will start recruiting local hosts. These concerts are set up any time based on the availability of the host and musicians.


Please include whatever you feel is necessary to give us a sense of you or your ensemble and how you would fit into our season. The program doesn’t need to need to be ready to go in order to apply, but you should give us some examples of what you might include. We aim to schedule a diverse combination of soloists and ensembles over a season of three tours.